Using Trader Base Forex News to Make Money on the Currency Market

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When trading forex, knowing what to listen for is essential. Most currency pairs are priced to four decimal places. While some of these changes are only important for a few currency pairs, others are universal. By understanding the fundamentals of these news events, you will be ahead of the competition. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important events to watch out for. Using trader base forex news can help you make money on the currency market.

One of the most important economic indicators for a currency s value is the Gross Domestic Product. This measure represents the dollar value of all goods and services produced by a country. The Employment Situation is a more complex measure, representing the number of payroll jobs held by non-farm business establishments, including government agencies. This information affects the currency s value if it rises or falls. It s essential to keep up with economic news to be successful on the forex market.

Another important piece of economic data is the Non-Farm Payrolls data from the U.S. This report is notorious for inducing substantial volatility in the currency market, and many news traders take advantage of this volatility. However, it s crucial to know when and which news releases are most important to trade with. For example, the Non-Farm Payrolls report that was released on the first Friday of the month differed significantly from the consensus.

When trading forex on news, the most common method is to wait for a period of consolidation prior to the big number and trade a breakout on the back of that news. Alternatively, you can choose to trade a range of exotic options that are less volatile than trading a currency pair. This method can be profitable, but it should be used carefully. When trading forex news, remember to monitor news volatility as it can lead to price slippage, which can make the trade useless.

Lastly, the most important news to monitor is the volatility. If news from one country affects many markets, a drop in the price of oil for example may have a negative impact on oil prices. However, this is not the case with news from one country. The news of one country can affect multiple other markets, such as the forex market, the futures market, and even binary options. Regardless of the news that affects the forex market, it is important to monitor the underlying trends in the currency markets and to stay away from trades based on rumors.

In addition to news trading, a new trading strategy is known as "News Trader." This strategy takes advantage of the knee-jerk reaction of traders who are evaluating the news. News traders typically take advantage of this by placing buy and sell orders around a pre-release market level. This strategy is particularly useful when news releases are accompanied by a strong trend, such as the US-China trade. Once a significant news announcement is made, the market is likely to move rapidly.