Zurich Gold Market

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cashback forex Gold Market (Zurich cashback forex r forexrebatescalculatork calculatormarket) Zurich Gold Market Introduction Zurich Gold Market, after World War II, took advantage of the development of the London gold market twice to shut down, the gold price of the Zurich market cashbackforexcalculator the London gold market gold prices are as important to the international market Zurich Gold Market does not have a formal organizational structure, but by the three major Swiss banks: UBS, Credit Suisse and UBS are responsible for clearing and settling the accounts. Credit Suisse and UBS are responsible for clearing and settling the accounts, the three banks not only trade for customers, but also gold trading is the main business of the three banks themselves ZurichGoldPool is established on the basis of informal consultation of the three major Swiss banks, not subject to the jurisdiction of the government, as a consortium of dealers and clearing system hybrid in the market intermediary role  Due to the special Swiss banking system and auxiliary gold trading service system, which provides a free and confidential environment for gold trading, coupled with the preferential agreement between Switzerland and South Africa, 80% of the South African gold, as well as the former Soviet Unions gold also gathered here, making Switzerland not only the worlds largest transit point for new gold, but also the worlds largest private gold storage center Zurich gold market in The status of the international gold market is second only to London The Zurich gold market has no gold price fixing system, at any particular time of each trading day, according to the supply and demand situation, the days trading gold price, this price is the official price of Zurich gold the whole day gold price fluctuations on this basis without stop limit standard gold is 400 ounces of 99.5% pure gold regulators are self-regulatory organizations Regulators: the Swiss gold market regulators Is a public-private partnership of the Swiss central banking sector, the Swiss National Bank (http://www.snb.ch/e/index3.htm) Related self-regulatory organizations: by the Swiss banks, Credit Suisse and the agreement established by the Zurich Gold General Treasury management regulations (1) the Swiss National Bank gold and silver reserves management regulations (2) Zurich Gold General Treasury organization and the Swiss National Bank to develop the Swiss Zurich gold trading market management rules, regulations and supporting legislation market characteristics (1) the basis of the Swiss gold market is the Swiss private banking system and auxiliary gold service system, providing a free and confidential environment for gold business (2) Zurich gold trading market to the three major banks as the backbone, based on private private gold investment transactions, and and private banking business combined with the operation of Zurich Gold market is the spot invisible market, the worlds largest gold coin market and private investment market (3) The Swiss gold trading system has the greatest inclusiveness, is the main place for private investment in gold and financial management, and is also the place where gold from the East and the West intermingle Most of the gold from South Africa, the former Soviet Union and the socialist camp countries is traded through the Zurich gold market and the West (4) Switzerland is not only the worlds new gold (4) Switzerland is not only the largest transit point for new gold in the world, but also the largest private gold storage and lending center in the world Market size (1) Monetary gold is managed by the Swiss Central Bank, and the size of its holdings is about 1,200 tons (September 2006 data) (2) The Zurich Gold Exchange is an institution that is compatible with financial and commodity gold trading, and is the largest market for gold financial investment, especially private gold investment in the world Switzerland imports about 1,200-1,400 tons of gold, while about 1,000-1,200 tons of gold are exported every year, and the main sources of gold are South Africa and Russia, etc. (3) Switzerlands gold manufacturing and industrial demand fluctuates around 150 tons per year. The central bank, namely the Swiss National Bank (SNB), is responsible for the management and operation of the reserve currency gold, assisting commercial banks and watch and jewelry associations, managing the gold exchange and gold products manufacturing industry (2) The Swiss National Bank manages the reserve currency gold and is responsible for the operation and management, and is authorized by the Swiss government to engage in official gold trading (3) The gold exchange in Zurich is mainly managed by the three major commercial private banks, namely the Swiss (3) Zurich gold exchange is mainly led by three major Swiss commercial private banks, namely UBS, UBS and Credit Suisse, and is managed by self-regulatory rules set by the Zurich General Gold Depository. The trading unit is 99.5% gold, the delivery date is the same day as the spot, and the futures contract is a few trading days after the expiration date, the delivery place is the Zurich gold depository or other designated depository, and the trading price has no stop limit. From Monday to Friday 9:30-12:00 and 14:00-16:00, quotation time 3:30-11:00 and 13:00-15:00 (4) and other gold exchanges, Zurich gold market gold trading three commercial banks as agents, settlement They (4) Unlike other gold exchanges, the Zurich gold market has three commercial banks as agents and settlement agents, who not only act as agents for customers, but also directly participate in gold trading and provide excellent and safe safes and gold accounts. System (5) The three major Swiss banks are also the worlds comprehensive banks engaged in the gold business, with supporting facilities and conditions to engage in precious metals trading system, United Bank of Switzerland (UBS), for example, UBS was the worlds largest bank when it merged in 1996 It has six aspects of business in rare precious metals: rare metals reserves; trading settlement, medical equipment (teeth, pacemakers, etc.), watches ( It has its own large smelting and refining plant processing 500 tons of gold per year, armored and sealed non-armored vehicles for transportation, sales, settlement, processing (cases, jewelry, medical devices, electronic components), high level of recovery and purification and strong assets to ensure a one-stop service UBS implements Membership system transaction management, members engage in transactions according to the corresponding constitution and rules (6) for the gold processing manufacturing industry, its management by industry associations and chambers of commerce self-regulatory management, directly linked to the gold exchange gold trading aspects according to the membership system by the three major commercial banks as agents, settlement watches, jewelry, electronic components, etc. in accordance with the laws of commodity management